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James, Zerelda. Mimms. 11, 15, 24, 30, 31, 73. Kansas, Lawrence,. 1860s. 28, 100a, 102a y. Kansas, Meade. 184 y. Kemper Military. School, Boonville,.

7105600054 16-jan-15. 99,804688. 1.0250 STRÅ. ØST EJNAR E. 255006 VIB ERNST. 8294. GRU FRANSY 242991. 58166001131 21-apr-10. 98,4375. 1.510 STRÅ Klausuleret.

Date of Death Name (Last name first, upper & lower case). Page No. Newspaper Date ... Bowman Jr., Arthur Calvin. 16. 1/12/1965 ... Bumgarner, Dona Honeycutt.

Giving of his time for service, Don Smith conducts tl class during the. Negro Bible School, a proiect of the BSU. ... Brucene Jones, Oil Trough; Home Eco-.

James Hiscox. Raymond Hollands. Willtom Jackson ... Urquhart, Heather E.,. B.A.,. Generals Arts, ... Martin. Robert S.,. B.A.,. General Arts. Toronto. Ont.,.

Kaks venda kunstis (K. ja P. Raud) . 26. EVI. P I H L A K ... Kristjan ja Paul Raua esivanematest ... tõttu oli üsna loomulik, et Paul Raud jäi ligi paari-.

Patented June 1, 1965. 3,586,304. HYPERVELOCITY GUN. Arthu:r T. Biehl, Diablo, Calif., assignor to. ME Associates, a corporation of California.

Wes Parker (Harvard), Mike Kekich. (Lynwood) and Bill Singer (Pomona). Fairly played his high school ball at. Long Beach Jor- dan and made. ALL-CIF honors.

Olympic champion Mike Larrabee ha been a speaker at the recent State Fe erated Council Meeting and at the time had encouraged California ed.

ROW: Lynn Collin:;, Randa Peter:son, Mary Jankord, Pat Schliebe, Loretta Bierman, Dar- ... trick and the feud is once again in full force.

ГОСТ 9039-59. Изготовление и поставка шнура 100 -июль 1965г. Завод им. „Лавочкина Завод le 5 детонирующего ГОСТ 696-54 200 ш - август 1965г.

И вообще, дорогой мой Ян, я видал фильм «Встре1ш с ды1воло11» ... вики, : и почти сразу же вернутся продырявле1111ые, бесхвостые, чуть не.

THE SS NEVASA CRUISE IN 1965. By Steve Griffiths [KGS 1963-1968]. Recently I came across this photo online of the Nevasa, sitting in dry dock in Falmouth.


А куда девали пёкло. Губ, куда дева.ТJИ - бунт ... дой, Хуана Флорес, доктор Миранда ... Неужели я никогда больше не увижу этих людей?

Daniel Truhitte. Assistant Director ............Ridgeway Callow. Frau Schmidt ................ Norma Varden. Dialogue Coach.............. Pamela Danova.

с у щ е с т в о в а н и я : общее наследие данной группы языков и общие ... Periodisierung der sudslavjschen Sprachen, «Wiener slavistisches Jahrbuch», IX, ...

было п р освета, я п о.1у1 а л : а чего м н е J.ОЖ !!.Jаться п огоJ.ы в К а р готь:v1е,. 1юг.Jа я отл ич н о :v1огу ::1,0;.кJ.аться ее и в Э.1 еЕтрогор с ...

"AUUeUc Festival March" by rounded out \ith the popular ... Club for its fine production of "The Mouse That Roared," and the ... Next to the Bockey .~ield.

3 авг. 2021 г. ... Hubert T Delany. James A Farley. Miss Eileen Farrell. Mrs. Albert H Gordon. Mrs. Jacob K Javits. Hon. Albert V Maniscalco.

гих языках находим: карийск. mesnak, иер. лув. masna-ai, лув. massanalli-. «божественный». Это один из тех случаев, которые указывают на отсутствие чет-.

Yo entry of Jerry Shaw and Louis lick. Scores were 6-3, 3-6 and 6-2. ... Steiner, 7-7, def. by McMichael, 7-5. Eisendrath (SM) def. Steele, 6-3,.

28 апр. 2021 г. ... cluded will be the Nick. Clooney Show next Saturday. Dianne received a grand farewell and best wishes from a crowd of friends and rela-.

San Diego Chargers. 9 2 3 .818 340 227 ... AFL Championship: Buffalo 23, San Diego 0. WEEK ONE ... Den-Dixon, 15 pass from Slaughter (Kroner kick).

Beverly Bivens - Wee One of the We Five. Win $1,110 in Football Contest-Entry Form Inside ... sight, KRLA and The BEAT are records - whether they have a.

In 1961, he joined the staff of the Oakland Raiders. ... Broncos, sell their stock to a new syndicate headed by Cal Kunz ... 20 Terry Methner, G, Albion.

Roy. E. 6/19/1965. 6/21/1965. Allesandro. Felice (Joe). 2/7/1964. 2/9/1964 ... Hargrave. Mary. L. 9/10/1965. 9/11/1965. Hargraves. Pauline.

Comics, the March 18, 1965, edition of Newsweek declared, ... Marvel Comics—under the principal direction of Stan Lee, ... as.a.jigsaw.puzzle.that.

Tadaaki Hatta - Oklahoma State (5-3). Ernie Gillum - Iowa State. Darrell Bryan - Oklahoma. 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: James Garcia - Colorado (WFT).

THIRD ROW: Gary Dennis, Don Norris, Tom Ecker, Dick Morford, Mike Seamon, Terry Sterzik,. John Miiller, Jerry Waloham, Chuck Drake. FOURTH ROW: Mike Hastings, ...

Patricia Massarone. Leslie Noel. Gail Trapp. Janice Roy. Mary McGuire. Joan McLaughlin ... Jack Wheeler, Bill Mccaughey,. Gene Wills, Ted Hohn, Don Va-.

Farwell Elementary. Revelstoke South Elementary. 400.00. 5,000.00 tf. Revelstoke North Elementary. 14,000;0O. Revelstoke Secondary. 4,812,00.

614 Main St., Davenport , Ia. Urban F. Ott. John J. McCabe. M. L. PARKER. RECORD CE TER ... Gary Lopez went the ... D nnis Colby. THIRD HO ORS: Vince Motto,.

Prof.; Jean Countryman Smith, B.S., Instr.; Kenneth Merriam. Walker, Ph.D., Assoc. ... Marsha Robertson Norma Severson Nancy Smith ... Caminiti, Teresa 32.

of their son Mr and Mrs Firth donated the sum of £557 to the University ... (Anthropology Department, University of Auckland, 1965); Ritchie, J.;.

Rome, Virginia Whitaker, Barbara Thompson, and Sally Stewart. 73. Page 78. Best Actors and Actress ... ROW 1: Susan Pratt, Gina Higgins, Sally Stewart, Kay.

Boudewijn Koole is film director and creative producer at his own company. JvdWfilm. ... (Script & Director) Producers: Waterland Film & NTR.

On Septeniber 7, 1965, the Appren- pay for the first $100 a year of doctor bills ($50 ocif his ... DIABLO TEST TRACK. . . moving ahead on the _fiil job· at.

failing to answer the call was Derek. Baddeley. Striding like a giant from the ... Down, too, went Derek Wall in the ... John Ratdiffe and Bob Geary (Coal.

CHICAGO (AP)— Ailing Kenny. Wharram, who missed the first two games of the Stanley Cup championship round, sent home a tie-breaking goal in the third pe.

champions, defeated a full strength home did Kevin Forshaw and Crusham. ... otherwise Roy Crusham claiming a not ... Philip ReId. 15 YE.ARS LATE.R.

push in the lever above the inner door handle the seat, just lift the lever at the front on and then to depress the button below the the right.

El usistema Manuel del Cabral" opera de esta manera con relación a los poetas dominicanos: En. Historia de mi Voz, en artículos periodísticos aparecidos ...

Keith Lincoln, and defensive tackle Ernie Ladd. ... the Bills put up the first points of the game with a Jack Kemp pass to Ernie Warlick in the end.

MICHAEL. 7 12 64. 005-944 LETHBRI: 52025 77 B 11. E I 77 77 ... SMITH. 5 26 64 I 004-687 WRIGHT : 90 21 G 15. A E 21 ,21 ... 5 11 64: 004-404 JACKSON:.

HELEN. 5:24 65 : 005-009 STALBER: 73 04 G II GAUTHIER ... PETERSON. AXEL. ROBERT 0131 65. 010-448 PINCH CI 00582 73 A. •. PE.TERSM. CARL. WILFRID 8 :22 65.

Onlythe elevation of its goals and the excellence of ... 109 Christopher s-, Montclair, N. J. M.ARRIED: Marion ... Netta Barrett Burger has been on the.

DANIEL. N118 65. 009-146 CALGARvi 42195 21 C 11 ... ALISON 3 1 66 : 003-144 EOMONTO: 112 6608 E I 1 BUDD. H L 01 :01 ... FRA-NCIS BERNARD D 2 66.

Caldarella, Dick Leach, Ken Bora,. Dale Murpby and Ken Ragsdale. ... nunor sport will be a pool tour-1 Nikki Lyn Jackson Kay Melina n3:111ent October 16.

and Cory Butler (standing right) of Phi Kappa ... Alpha phi Alpha; Preston. Bouler. ... flcers • a lower cost to the ray, Mike" Daily Egyptan,. Air Force.

The pending special election in San. Francisco would have to decide whether the state senate would re- main in Democratic control, or be tied, with Republican ...

HISTORICAL SKETCH. Ferdinand, Indiana was established in 1840 by Father Joseph Kundek, a Catholic priest originally from Croatia.

E. S. Bartlett. City Manager. Columbia. President, TCMA. EXEClJrIVE SECRETARY. Herbert J. Bingham. 226 Capitol Boulevard. Room 306. Nashville, Tennessee.

R 1ST. LESLIE. LINN. 9119 65. 001-781 CALGARY: 61820 08 B 11 VETTER. C A 41 41. •. RITCHIE. DAVID. WILLIAM 6 18 65. 005-032 EDMON TO: 92683 24 B 11 WYLIE.

Playmate Wall Calendar 1965 Good Condition Sleeve. ... the Year for the American edition of Playboy 1965 Jo Collins 1966 Allison Parks 1967.

By JOYCE LETH church and they do not benefit personally by money I give for missions. I like the idea of having a say in what my church.

WAKALUK. WILLIAM. JOHN. 9 6 63 : 1007-377 VEGREVI ~ 20 200B B 11 FEDORAK. J H 52 52 ... DARCY. L!:ON. 0 8 63. 008-055 VEGREVI005 63q8 A 11 WOLOSCHUK.

"Prinzess Irene" e il 10 marzo 1910 con la nave. "Celtic"). Divenne cittadino americano il 24 novembre 1905, sposò nel 1911 Giovanna Assunta Ziccarelli ...

*At that date the US Scarab company, financed by Lance Reventlow ( heir to the Woolworth fortune), was just preparing to enter the Grand Prix arena with an ...

1 авг. 2015 г. ... 1 PARA that succeeded in early capture of Sar and. Sank. Thereafter, in a classic ... this minuscule minority, headed by Geelani and his.

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